Old MW Incubator - Is this a Good Deal or Not So Good?

you might have to replace a part or two in it, but those old wooden ones are so thick sided they hold temps real well...I would LOVE to find that deal down here in Okie Land....I have a small one made the same way that I wouldnt sell for love nor money, but I might swap it for that one
as for parts, you could always rebuild it with wafer/switch style and a heating element, and the fan can be replaced by most any company, fans cost around $50....
You have a tray in there.. you can use that as a pattern and make more..

you can still get wafers, heating coils, might have to get a new door seal..

I would use that as a hatcher.. You can incubate with it, but you would have to turn the eggs by hand..

OR< you could get some hovabator turners and just build shelves in there to set them on.. I did that with an old Jamesway 2940..

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