Old seeds


5 Years
Feb 23, 2016
South of Houston
I grow my lettuce in the winter (gets too hot, too soon in the summer) in a molasses tub. About 30" tub molasses comes in to feed cattle. I get a loose leaf lettuce blend of different varieties. I sprinkle seeds out in the soil, Scratch them in and water. They grow & when they are big enough I will start harvesting. Whenever I need lettuce I will pick a leaf or 2 off each plant for a salad or whatever and they keep growing and I keep picking until they bolt in the spring. Then I will then dig them into the soil, plant something else a (warm weather plant usually radishes) in the pot for the summer.
In my original post I meant that I bought a large package of lettuce seeds that came in a varitey of mixed flavors. There was enough seeds that there was no way I could use all @ once. Been using that same package for 5 yrs now by keeping them cool in the fridge.

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