Old store bought eggs?


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So I didn't see the eggs myself... but... I was asked if watery eggs that had a green tint to them after cooking via fry pan were any good...

I have never seen that one... To me runny = old eggs... green... only in over cooked hard boiled eggs that are relatively fresh... however... I've had old eggs from my own hens that have sat out for a week on the counter and were still good...

Any stories to share? I've only had eggs from my own hens for nearly half my entire life span so far.... so am rather disconnected from this store egg thing... so seeking enlightenment on this green tinted watery fried egg thing. I thought it was odd and told them better safe than sorry since I wasn't there to see them.
LOL!! No way in heck am I eating a green egg Silkie!!! ....regardless of who says it's fine or not, lol!!!
My sister and I have a code word for off-tasting store eggs and it's "green". As in, "That egg tastes green". So I sure wouldn't eat one that looked green! Yuk!
There are some feeds that change the yolk color but I don't know about making it green. Whites that spread out like water is an indication of an old egg. Maybe that egg was old and from a chicken with some problems. Other than that I have no idea what the problem could be.
Many Many years ago I bought eggs from a local produce market. They were big brown pretty eggs. Well my ex wanted a fried egg sandwich and I was using my cast iron frying pan. I cracked one into the pan and I noticed the white looked kinda green but I thought it was from the cast pan so I let it finish cooking and gave the sandwich to my ex. He said that it tasted funny so I told him I would fix him another one well the next egg I crack open had a partially formed chick in it. I took the eggs back to the store and really let them have it and have never done business with them since.
My father, who was in the Army during WWII, has more than once talked about being served eggs so old they were greenish. So perhaps it does happen. I'd prefer not to find out personally though

Yeah, I said toss them... sounded really weird to me.... wonder if those dried out eggs in my room from 8 years ago are green? Don't really want to crack them though. It would take me another 8 years to replace them!

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