Older chick curled in a ball


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Oct 5, 2016
Bolivar, MO
Hi, I have a 3 month old Silkie chicken that out of the blue, has one eye shut(has opened it twice) and her head is curled under her body and she is either laying like that or pecking at her skin. I checked her body and there are no lacerations. She can keep her neck up, but its mostly pointed down. She is not steady on her feet. Not sure how she could have injured her neck, she was in a plastic tote with 4 other younger chicks...I have fed her starter feed by hand mixed with a bit of yogurt and banana, water with a little sugar to try and give her some energy..I have never encountered this problem in the last 8 years raising chickens. Any ideas??? Could it be neurological out of the blue like that?? Stumped....thanks...
It sounds like wry neck syndrome. It's not uncommon in baby chicks. Mix a whole capsule of vitamim E oil 400iu into a little soft boiled egg and feed it to the chick. Do this each day with a full dose of vitamin E400iu until the chick reverts to normal.

Thank you, I will try this!! She seems to be doing better but still curling her head under her body. She does straighten her neck more often but still curling her head....so I'll try the vitamin E...thanks again

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