Older lab testing ovens (two) for incubator conversion?


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Sep 25, 2007
For sale are two older lab ovens - these were used as testing ovens in an automotive manufacturing facility to test parts at different temperatures. They are very industrial in nature.

THIS AUCTION IS FOR ONE OVEN - HIGH BIDDER gets one, 2nd highest bidder gets the other.

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - near Flint, MI. I WILL NOT SHIP as these are too heavy.

This isn't the best picture, and I can get more pics if you like.

Note that these ovens are 220.

Dimensions: 31.5" wide, 34" tall, 26" deep

They are being replaced because they are not holding temperature - thus, they would most likely need a new thermostat, but being industrial in nature, I feel like they would make awesome egg incubators. These are not mine, they belong to a good friend who got them from his work when they were going to be pitched. I guess it's just easier for large companies to replace items such as this rather than repair them.

Here are a few more pics - I asked my friend to get more pics showing the inside & such:



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