Older They Get, More Afraid They Get

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. FunnyBunnies12

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    It seems like these ducklings as much as they know me, as much as I handle them, and bring them to the tub, and feed them, and such, they know good things come from me, but why do they act like they never seen me before each time. Seems that the older two aren't nearly as afraid. Is it because they were born 1st and only 2, and imprinted on me easier and faster? And the 7 later and because they all were born and imprinted in the incubator/hatcher they don't have as good of a trusting bond with me? Kind of makes me sad [​IMG]
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    Jul 9, 2010
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    THe 5 ducklings i've had all hated me and the same thing, I gace them all sorts of goodies, took them outside to play in the water, pet them and they would run from me and freak out whenever I approached. It did make me mad!!! I gave them time and just did what I always did and picked them up when I could even if they didnt want it. I found that they LOVE peas and whenever I walk near there pen with a bowl the quack like crazy and run towards me for food and eat it out of my hand as fast as they can like they have never eaten before. They will barely let me pet them but as long as I dont stand up at that point or move towards them to quickly they will stay there and try and eat more from my hand. I dont know if they will ever LOVE me and love attention but i dont let them eat the goodies unless its out of my hand and they know that... It does bum me out but I love watching them and I have some super friendly chickens so I dont mind so much...
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    If you want super friendly ducks , incubator hatched muscovey's are the way to go!!! we have had 2 week old scoveys that became very tame also, buy was a little more work. our last 4 were, 2 runners, a pekin cross and a buff all drakes , as soon as they started feathering out , they became skiitish and wild ,and they were day old when we got them.
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    They all go through a phase around 6 weeks, when they do nothing but run and scream bloody murder. They will get over it about 2 weeks later.
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    I hope so, granted I had to move them to the basement for more space then in the living room where there is constant socialization and interaction going on. But when it comes to get them out, and corel them, if only the neighbors saw me trying to corel them they would call the psych-ward to have me taken away. Man, I don't know how momma ducks do it! Let alone human moms with multiple of all the same age! [​IMG]
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    Just step back and give them a moment to think and it will be so much easier. Don't rush them ever, because you have lost the game once they are in panic mode. I only stand behind them slowly moving their way. The trick is only to raise one arm at a time to make them change directions. They are so easy to walk in a certain way if you don't rush them. The other trick is to hold the pea pan and have them follow. I have been taking mine for 20 minutes walks doing just that.
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    I have just introduced peas twice to them, they weren't sure what to think of them at 1st, but I have found they adore Spring Mix Salad. Once they are settled, I can lay next to them and they will stay, but once I move panic mode sets in. Just 2wks ago I was able to lay on the floor, the couch and have all 7 sleeping on my chest in my arms. Granted they are big, but I miss that moment of "Zoo Medicine." My dh said I don't talk about my rabbits much at all any more. Well, I never got to raise my bunnies from the time they were born or even before. I always rescued or fostered or adopted them as middle aged bunnies. And well, ducks are much more personable and comical. So are bunnies, but it's the mommy bond that can't be broken. I just have this tight bond with them, so do my boys. Especially considering momma duck and her disabilities and really kind of wondering how long she will have before the good foot just tires out and she doesn't want or can't use it any more. She gave us 9 gorgeous babies! And she gave my oldest the green headed boy he's always wanted.
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    Oct 16, 2010
    I have a muscovy drake who was terried of me from the day I got him untill he was about 4 months old. No matter how much I spoiled him he still wanted nothing to do with me. At about 4 months he started being more friendly. When ever I tried to go near him he would walk away instead of sprinting away. Now he is 2.5 years old and thinks of me as his best friend in the world. When ever I go outside he will come running over. Even if I peak outside through the window, he always sees me and comes running. He likes me so much that when I leave the house he chases the car up the driveway. Your ducks are going to be more skitish now than they will ever by becuase there quills are coming in and it can be a bit painfull.
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    Nov 2, 2010
    My two boys Elliot and Oliver (Rouen Drakes) have yet to warm up to me. I try being patient, bit unfortunately that's a virtue I was not blessed with. I spoil them rotten and they get treats every day. I thought for sure I could "buy" their love with treats, but it hasn't worked. Once I catch them they freak, but calm down once they realize I'm not killing them. Once I have them I can pet them, and they will eat from my hand. But I have to be holding them...and they do NOT want to be held lol. Even if they won't interact with me, it still brings me a lot of joy watching them interact with eachother. They are best friends and I can always count some quirky antics to bring a smile to my face.

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