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Olive Egger Hatching Eggs

Discussion in 'Chicken Hatching Eggs' started by MichenerFarm, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. MichenerFarm

    MichenerFarm In the Brooder

    Apr 13, 2011
    The Wild West
    F1 & F2 Olive Egger hatching eggs

    Olive Eggers are a mixed breed so there will visually be a difference between some of the birds. Some may be black, grey, have beards, no beards, etc.

    *My egg photo was featured in the Manna Pro Poultry blog here: http://info.mannapro.com/mannaproan...Chicken-Breed-Spotlight-Easter-Egger-Chickens

    $40/dz + $16.50 for USPS Priority Mail shipping. Located in Southern California's High Desert. Will be collected & ready for shipment on Monday March 18th.

  2. scottallen90

    scottallen90 Hatching

    Apr 28, 2013
    Do you still have eggs for sale?

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