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14 Years
Apr 12, 2009
Vashon, WA
I have an olive egger hen we bred last year (silver cuckoo marans roo x snowy easter egger hen). Her eggs are a lighter shade of olive, but they are enormous and plentiful. She has a great disposition and is a favorite. I sold all her hatchmates last year. So this year I gave a broody hen two of her eggs to sit on, along with two more from a snowy easter egger (they have lovely blue eggs). The rooster in this pen is a gorgeous Black Copper Marans we hatched from shipped Greenfire eggs. his hatchmates lay the darkest eggs I've ever seen in person.

Questions... why the heck is one of these four chicks a light chipmunk pattern??? And do the light white spots on the heads of any of them indicate for sure roos? That aside, will wait and see how that pans out. Real question, where do I put any hens from this group? My first thought is to move them to a flock with a cream legbar roo.

How do you work your way through the early generations of an olive egger project to end up with a consistent group? Thus far I have only done F1 crosses, and mostly for sale. They are popular and sell well here. Thank you!
Meanest (to humans) hen, who will draw blood. No idea why we let her hatch babies! She is a very good mom though, but I'm not getting a better picture anytime soon.


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