Olive Egger Silkie Project Request for Help


Jul 18, 2016
Hi this is my first post but I have been lurking for years. I love silkies and colorful eggs. I am starting in on a silkied Easter Egger project. I feel like I have a handle on getting the silkied feathers and green eggs but I would like to run the plan by this forum and share pictures of the current colors I would be crossing. My colored egg carriers are F2&f3 olive eggers from hatching eggs from Papas poultry. The plan is to Cross olive Egger roosters on silky Hens & cross silky roosters on Olive Egger Hens - this should give smooth feathered olive eggers that are heterozygous (if the parents were homozygous to start with)for both traits (silkied feathers and green(brown and blue )eggs).

Then cross the resulting chicks- this will give silkied and non silkied, and 25%homo for blue, 50% hetero for blue and 25%brown egg layers. Plan keep all green egg laying hens. Cross favorite roosters/pea combs to brown egg layers& if the babies lay brown eggs rooster in not homozygous And does not earn the right to breed. Do the same with the hens.

Once I think I have a group of true OO select for better silkied and frizzles (one of my silkies has the frizzle gene) and watch out for brown eggs.

I was only able to load 1 pic but that is my group. I appreciate any feedback.
My plan as far as color crosses is to cross the 2 blue smooth olive Egger roosters on the splash and blue/grey silkies. The Silkie chicks are too young to sex just yet. The mature silkie hen is partridge. I will post a pic of the silkie chicks as well.

A couple more pics

First crosses produce 'Easter egger' green not olive egger green. I need to start over and find a source of the darkest olive hatching eggs possible and not use just the easy to come by f1 olive eggers everyone is selling.

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