OMG duck piped day 24? I need help plz!!


5 Years
Jan 17, 2018
Northern Ontario
this is the first time I hatch out ducks and I just took them out to cool and mist them and noticed a pip in one of them. I quickly took out he egg turner and stuck it back in and added lots of water to humidity is at 70%. What should I do now? Should I just leave the others and not turn them? Is that high humidity going to be bad for the others? Urghhhh. I feel like a nervous wreck!!
That’s what I was thinking too. I had 2 thermometers in there plus the one on the machine and the all were 37.5 c. Give or take .1. It can take up to 48 hours after external pip to hatch? I checked them last night and it was def not there
Temp undoubtedly a tad high, hence an early hatch. On these premature hatches, I've seen them spread out over 72 plus hours from first to last hatch. I'd leave them be, distract yourself with something else and only check periodically.
Update - so the next morning another egg had piped. No change in the first egg that piped. I waited about 34 hours and no change so I intervened and slowly got the baby out - by slowly I mean taking off a bit of shell hydrating the membrane. And putting it back in for about an hour then doing it again. I was half way done taking off the shell and could see a small amount of yolk left so I put the egg back in and a few hours later she pushed it off. The yolk was absorbed but it was still swollen and open around the belly button. 12 hours later it has almost dried, she is still weak but moving her head, kicking and vocalizing. I checked the other eggs in there and they had all died and the other that piped made a bigger hole and died with his bill out :(. What a disastrous experience this has been. Questions: I have electrolytes- how soon can I try giving the duckling this and do you dip the bill or kinda dunk it in past the nostrils? Also now she will be all alone and I know this is not good. I’m trying to find someone selling babies so I can get her some friends but I’ve only been able to find 1 2 week old and 3 weeks old. Are they going to be too big to be together?

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