OMG..i feel like a murderer!!! I am done hatching. Update help!!!!


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
I had one chick that hatched on day 20...I opened an internally pipped egg that was shrinkwrapped on day 23. Its still struggling inside the rest of its shell. I decided to float test the eggs. I had a ton that were shrinkwrapped or died around day 18 or looked fully formed but died a long time ago. Its almost day 24...and one egg didn't move at all in the float test. Didn't do anything when I tapped it. I opened it and it looked like a dry white membrane tha was completely opaqe. I touched it and it oooooozed much blood. And it started pulsating. I thought it was dead!!!! Theres sooo much blood. I barely touched it! OMG I feel horrible! I'm awful. I hate this feeling so much.
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i have had eggs that bled ALOT survive , so just let it be and it might be okay , accidents happens you learn from them , dont let this deter you from hatching more eggs
If we had some background, Ya might work out some of what happened. But don't just give up! Most things can be fixed.
Don't feel bad, by day 24 it would have been weak anyways. I try not to help any eggs hatched about about day 22 because they don't make it
I have tried hatching about 5 dozen eggs and still have NOTHING!!! I know how you feel, I have eggs make it to lock down then quit and I don't know what I am doing wrong but I feel so guilty about it. Like I let the little ones down some how! I open an egg, scared of what I will find and there it is, a fully formed chick that didn't keep going. Just makes ya wanna quit trying!

But I get my hopes up and try again...... maybe this time?
The temps in the bator had hot and cool spots. Found out it was because the edge of the bator was hanging off the dresser. So the top half of my eggs incubated at a higher temp and the lower half at a cooler temp. I dry hatched and when in lockdown had humidity at 65-70% when the one egg hatched, the the humidity shot up to almost 80% and I opened it to let a little humidity out. I had 7 eggs that were either chirping, tapping, or rocking at day 15. All of these were dead when I checked today. I haven't seen any movement from any of the other eggs except one. My one chick hatched at day 20, I pulled it out almost day 22 because it was wreaking havoc on the eggs. When I pulled it out I heard another egg chirpped alot. After about 24 hours it slowed down and stopped. I decided to intervene and candled it, I could see the chick kind of gasping. I popped the air cell open and it looked very shrinkwrapped, it still had vessels so I wrapped it in warm paper towels and left it. It started to chirp again about 2 minutes later. I struggled and struggled and I finally helped today because it had been like that for almost 2 days. It bled a little and I stopped. I finally got most of the membrane off of his top half, he worked the rest of the way out. He's not doing well at all. Oh, and one time during the process the wells dried and humidity dropped to 50 overnight...other than that its been high...almost too high. So yeah, nothing from any of the eggs so I assumed they were dead and they were except that one. I think he's dead and the one I pulled out is gasping and laying on his side. I gave him water with polyvisol and he drank, but he's doing really poorly. NOTE TO SELF...NEVER INTERVENE AGAIN.

So what do you think happened to them? And my one chick that hatched fine, is small has long legs and is the cutest most energetic chick. Followed us all around the yard today...and will not stop chriping very loudly unless we hold him. I can't find any chicks in our area...poor guy.
keep him warm while you are out, just be sure it is nice a warm outside. Give him a stuff animal to sleep with that is a little bigger than him. And watch and make sure he eats and drinks like he should. You might have to tap at the ground with your finger like you are eating the feed and tap in the water bowl so he will learn all these things. But be sure he eats quite a lot and drinks good. If you stop moving around during the day (if you stay at home) and sit still if you can have him close so he can eat and nap.
I bed mine in alfalfa and grass hay "fluff". They have been eating a lot of the hay bits and it appears to be doing them well. the first chick that I helped out was glued pretty good to the egg. I finally took the rest of the egg off of him and his leg had been glued to the shell and he couldn't move. His head looks crooked from laying on his side for so long. I finally took him out and gave him more vitamin water and he's finally starting to really move. He's on a heating pad wrapped in a small cloth. He was just not doing well in the bator for soo long with out support. The egg that I opened and was alive is still pulsing. It looks even more shrinked in there. What should I do??? I sprayed it with warm water as the humidty is dropping again, but half of the egg is chick, with tight membrane around it and half is empty thats how shrinked it is. Help!

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