OMG!! I think I messed up!! IKES!!

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    Sep 14, 2010
    OK, I don't normally say much here. I just like reading the articles.
    First off, this is not my first time raising chickens. As a matter of fact, my first time was in 2007. I bought 5 4Y.O. Red Sex Links. Had no clue exactly what I was doing, as I was 6y.o. the last time I had played with my friends chickens, at his farm. I'm 56 now lol.

    Since then, I have bought 25 at a time, EACH YEAR, of Buff Orpingtons, Americanas, Cukoo Marans,(I loved those eggs. So chocolately colored, they looked like chocolate eggs.), & my wife calls them Franken chickens,(Rock x cornish game hens.) Those were monsters!!

    The reason I bought 25 per yr, was I let my ladies free range on my 1 1/2acres. Every year in winter time, some idiots let their dogs out or just drop them off.. GRRRR! Hence, I run out of chickens. GRRR!! I absolutely hate people that get animals & then can't take care of them, then drop them off at somebody elses home. I'd much rather take these ppl & hang by their toes or whatever part of their anatomy U choose.. I know what I would choose.. Just trying to keep this PG rated folks. Let's just say some Roos would be culled!! Not the poor animals fault.

    I went the last 2yrs without getting anymore. I had a 12 bird flock, counting the 3 babies hatched naturally, by a Maran momma that was also hatched naturally, this last winter. I kept out the dogs, or killed them. I'm still down to 2 Cukoos & 1 Buff Orp. & 1 Cukoo Roo. Damn hawk got momma & babies b4 I could do anything.

    This year I decided to take up my chicken addiction AGAIN!!
    I decided on 10, only 10, Sapphire Gems from TSC online. B4 they even got here through USPS, wife & I go to TSC for chick feed. (BIG MISTAKE!!)

    Of course TSC had tubs full of babies. Wife is looking at them, say oh how cute. UHG!! so I already decided on 10 more babies. About then the manager comes by & hears my wife. He says half price on all chicks. Any chicks!! The guy won't even look at me..Only looks at the gleam in wife's eyes. He tells wife ( NOT ME), "take the whole tub & they are $1 a piece." Wife yells at me, " Get the whole tub"!! You all help me here when I say UHG!!! Thank GOD for TSC credit cards, ( I guess??).
    So I tell the guy, "go for it, only 30 or so in there". Somebody please shoot me, PLEASE!!
    Half an hour later, I am the proud pappa of 71 White Leghorn pullets & 1 Wyndotte of some sort. This & I'm still waiting on my 10 Sapphire Gem pullets from USPS!!

    Now I have all 82 very healthy chicks in a 7ft x 5ft something. not sure it was here when I bought the place. Plastic or something. Heavy, I know that!!
    It's amazing how fast they grow!! Had enough room a week ago.. Now getting crowded. These are in my back bedroom!! UGH!! Still getting into 40s at night here. I still have to build a pen for all these birds!! With 82 birds, I figure my whole acre & half!! That's counting my 1/3acre garden.

    I'm sorry for the long rant ppl!! I will give more update soon & as soon as I figure out what the wife did to her tablet, I will post picks.

    meanwhile, please continue with your post & pics.. much insperation & ideas coming from all of you. I love reading the ppls stories of when they first start. I still feel like a beginner myself & always enjoy reading all experiences.

    Godd luck to all who enjoy this addiction as much as I do & keep CROWING!!
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    What can I say, I wouldn't have bypassed such a great deal myself. Will she allow you to give some to neighbors/friends.

    White Leghorns are very good layers, do you really need that many eggs?
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    Apr 11, 2010
    WELCOME! You are back into chickens..yep! And, love me a leghorn. :) FB_IMG_1550715425195.jpg
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  4. couponsaver47

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    Sep 14, 2010
    No diva. Cant give away the babies but she knows the value of the eggs.. Mananger at TSC say bring them to his Farmers Market & sell them for $3 per dozen. I need to. These things are feeding machines.
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  5. couponsaver47

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    Sep 14, 2010
    Cynthia, Love the pic.. I think I may have a couple of Roos in the batch also.. I hope so!!
    I need to fix the wife's tablet so i can take pics!!
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    Oh boy. You might want to look into starting an egg business. You'll need the cash to feed all those birds! Maybe start ordering the feed online so you don't have a reason to go back to TSC. :lau

    Have you thought about brooding the chicks outside in the coop? Might need a heat source for a bit longer, but 40s isn't that cold, especially if they all huddle together.
    Start Raising Your Chicks Outdoors
    You Certainly Can Brood Chicks Outdoors

    Good luck with your new enormous flock!

    OCD-surgeon-general 2.gif
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    I could totally see myself doing exactly the same thing!! That's why my DH goes to the feed store without me this time of year. I have the potential to get carried away when I see fuzzy baby chicks. :celebrate:love:wee
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    Howdy :frow and Welcome to Backyard Chickens.

    Happy :ya to have you here with us. Enjoy your time here at BYC! Wow, chicken math hit you where you live! :gigGood luck with your ever expanding flock!

    Thanks for joining our community! :celebrate
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    Jan 30, 2015
    Hi and thanks for stopping by to say hello.
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    Welcome.. I loved reading that. I don't feel to bad now, I made it out of tractor supply with only 8 pullets

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