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How many of you own property with graves or a cemetery located on it?

Yes, I think we have found a grave!
I have known for many years that our subdivision was once a part of a large plantation owned by the Quillians family far back in the 1800's. I have done a lot of family research and have found this same family in old census records. We have also found quartz indian arrow head stones too.
I have been roaming back and forth our backyard where our chickens and dogs live and I 've always noticed a rock partially exposed rising out of the soil along the path. Recently, we have had a lot of rain and the rock as The dirt has washed from atop the stone exposing the rocks true size. I took a shovel and dug up the rock and after washing it I think we can see a date of "17" something etched in the stone by some means of tooling. Can't tell if it is _ _ 1 7 or 17 _ _. I do believe it is a grave! I placed the rock back!

I was just wondering if others of you have graves located on your property?
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My parents had a second septic put in when they put an addition of the house and the land never got put back smooth so there was always a big hump in our back 2 oldest sisters told us 2 youngest sister that we lived on an old Indian burial ground.

evil sisters...though there is one not far from here.
My family has 700 acres in Okalahoma between us all and we have Indian grave sites throughout certain areas. We try not to tamper with them out of respect and belife that you should not disturb thier resting place, my family is Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian all the way back, I'm only 25%, but still we don't mess with the graves...
wow, that's creepy and i would have ran for the hills. Please lets leave it and maybe burn some sage for good vibes! I know in respect to indian burial graves they are big time sacred!

That is really creepy. Especially that it's so close to your house! We have 7 acres and on the other side of our wooded lot is a cemetary. That's about two acres from our house, and in the summer you can't see it, but in the winter when the trees have dropped their leaves...its' there. They still occasionally have a funeral back there. I have two dachshunds and once they came home with a bone that I absolutely could not identify. My DH and I were seriously creeped out about that and neither one of us wanted to take it from the dog to get rid of it.

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