OMG, my 1st Peafowl EGG... and JAVA Green to boot...


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Aug 14, 2009
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I purchased a Java Pair from Cherokee Trail Farms... and they were born from a 2008 clutch... I understood they would not breed until 2011., and Yesterday... when I was changing the java's water... I noticed something white with a tear drop shaped...
My eyes saw, but it took my brain a full min to work out what it could be, then it hit me.. ITS AN EGG!!!!
. The male has a small train... i think his train has 3 eyes... the female looks good. Dont know if the egg is fertile or not, but I put it in the incubator today... Its almost like a turky egg... Lets keep our fingers Crossed
... Ill post pictures later after work to show you the DAD, MOM, and egg.

Here is the Peacock

By breedergenetics at 2010-06-16

Here is the Peahen

By breedergenetics at 2010-06-16

Here is the Pea Egg...

By Breedergenetics at 2010-06-16
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Not the trays your eggs are in, but the incubator trays themselves, that the egg trays sit on..... They normally have sides that go all the way around to keep the egg trays in place, it looks like yours are upside down.....

Both my Dicky (needs a good cleaning after this hatch)...... & my GQF both have the metal trays sitting this way....
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Jan 16, 2010
Quote:Doesn't look like any incubator trays there....

Also is the peahen a spalding ??

I sure hope she isn't a Spalding if she is that means Rodney Michael's and Lewis Eckard raise Spaldings and sells them as Javas.

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