omg! please help! worried Teenaged Chicken-Mama here :[


10 Years
May 26, 2009
who wants to know?
one of my 6 week old White Black Tailed Japanese Bantam pullets has this thing with her eye. idk what it is, but im scared. most of the day she keeps it closed, and all around the eye is a strange blue coloring to the skin. And her comb looks strange..idk how to explain it though. but her comb looks nothing like the other hens, its..discolored. and shes kinda slugish and sleeps alot. she eats and drinks fine, sleeps just fine too. Also, i've had to run our Mottled Bantam chicks, out RIRs, our little guy Pablo, some of the other chicks and even her own brother and sisters (you know, the other White Black Tails) off.
i absolutly(sp?) love this pullet to death, and i really think it would kill me if something happened to her.
im willing to do whatever it takes to save her. and what do i do to make sure the other chicks dont bully her to death? the other chicks leave her alone when im in there, (its because i get mean when they get mean
) and idk what to do.
please someone help me :[
im desparate(sp?)
i cant loose my baby

also, i have found a name that really fits her. it Kibou. its Japanese for Hope. I know my mom said, "Dont get attached" and "DONT NAME HER UNTILL YOU KNOW SHE'LL LIVE!"
but idc. im going to name her. <3 i have alot of hopes for Kibou.
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kenedy it would help if u had a photo of the eye and comb it would help heaps
Also, since we can't see, but you know what her symptoms are, click the link in my sig that says Sick Page and look at the symptoms on those first several diseases- there are treatments, too, some of which you might be able to do from home without extra supplies.

It's possible there's something that will match.

How's her poop? I can't really see what I'm looking at in the pic- is it possible her eye got pecked? When they're stressed they drop their coloring to a pale, even greyish color, but you need to find the source of the stress.

Does it look like the discoloration could be dried blood? Could it be a discharge from a goopy eye? Is it the color of the skin of the eyelid itself in question?

Is there goop or crust? Swelling? You might try a warm wet washcloth to clear it, if so, and then get a better look.

I'm so sorry- it stinks when your favorite is the sickie-wicky in the bunch- I'm having trouble with my sweet, lovely roo, and he's my fave. I hope both of us have fabulous luck and everyone regains their health!!

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