OMG! What a Suprise!


11 Years
Jun 11, 2008
N. West Michigan
I gather eggs twice a day.. once in the Morning at 9am when I let the girls out for the day, then I only get a few since it's so early; then I gather again at 7pm when they go in for supper & bed... that's when I get the "main haul" of 18- 24 .

Last night, about 20 minutes after the girls went in for the night, My daughter came running to the kitchen "mom! Somethings wrong with the chickens! One is making a really strange noise- and the others are freaking out!"

I opened the back door to listen, and could tell SOMEONE was having a hissy-- but I have a couple who do that every time they lay an egg... and of course- the rest have to get involved.... so I wrote it off.

I went to get the 1st eggs this morning-- and WHAT A SUPRISE!!!

Can you see it???

Find The Suprise!

A Mix of Rock, Americauna & Silkie eggs


It's a Big UN!!! Weighed it up at 97 grams as compared to 2 large Rock eggs weighing 122 grams!

this is even bigger than the double yolkers we get from our turkens!
I am gonna "open" it in such a way as to try to preserve most of the shell intact....

will post a photo of the "innards" if it works!

Certainly was!
And not like the usual 2-yolkers I get-- they usually have 2 smaller than usual yolks-- these yolks were bigger than those in my Big Rock or Turken eggs!

Unfortunately, I broke one while opening the shell- but kept the shell pretty intact! Was surprised-- 1/2 expecting another shell inside, or a real thick shell-- it was surprisingly thin! I drilled a couple holes in it and used a razor blade to cut it out!



had to see just how big it was-- so cracked a good sized Turken egg in here-- WOW! those WERE big yolks!
I am SURE it is from one of my turkens!


18-24 eggs??!!! OMG how many chickens do you have? Ihave 10, get about 2 eggs daily!! granted half of them are probaably too old to lay chicken menopause
I have5 Banty hens and 21 Regular sized Hens (many breeds)

They are in a well insulated coop that stays above 45f all winter, and has lights from 8 am to 7 pm... I did lower the amount of light to just 1 60w bulb... and turned off the heat lamps... so am now "down" to 18 a day!!

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