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14 Years
Jan 17, 2009
Lancaster County PA
I am hatching for the first time. I am hatching some eggs for our herdsman. They have Red Sexlink chickens. I don't know if their chickens were from a crossed breeding or not. So far six of the chicks are all yellow but one is yellow with black back the head and across the back. Does that mean that the one is one sex and the others are the opposite sex?
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hopefully someone with more experience will respond, but I'm thinking the sex linking only applies to the first generation on red sex links?
you are correct sexlink are crossed so you can tell the sex of chicks. male and females are easily identified. unfortunately i do not know what is what.
Red sex links do not breed true.

They are formed by 2 differnt breed parents. Not sure of them off hand.

Males are white females are brown/redish

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