On day 3 of trying to hatch an egg in my boobs


Mar 2, 2020
Okay, thank you.
I hope so -- I really want to see what the chick will look like! Will it be half Mille-feuille D'Uccle, or half Golden Dutch?
Here's hoping for a successful hatch!
Fingers crossed! Hey...you could always slip another one in there, in case #1 doesn't hatch haha.

Today is day 20 for the button and coturnix quail eggs...Would you still hold out any hope of any hatching at this point or should I just open and toss to avoid getting an egg bomb? Seeing as there's 3 chicken eggs in the bator as well and they're good...

My boobs will soon be populated again lol...my broody has staggered eggs and the first one is in the middle of hatching...


Feb 5, 2020
Wow!! For some reason I stopped getting notifications about this thread and have missed some developments... namely, this one! I'll need to go back and read. Was this a start-to-finish boob egg, or only at the end? I'm impressed either way, good job and congrats!
This was a start to finish egg. I put 5 in initially. 3 were early quitters and one was unfortunately deformed and didn't make it. I have a dozen that hatched in an incubator 2 days ago so this little one will go in with them today. It did hatch 4 days late though, likely because of the slightly lower temps. I have pictures of it all fluffy on my phone so I'll be sure to post once I get on my phone.

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