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    Our beautiful head honcho.

    Our lovely 'pullet' who is current getting his fine self 'buffeted' every time he gets too close to the head honcho. When the run is completed we'll get some more hens and then both boys can figure out how to get along. There are 5 hens now, not enough for two strapping roosters, but that will change very soon :) I'm rubbing my hands together with glee, lol.

    The new coop made of recycled materials with box garden in front.

    Bruce, the rodent control officer.

    Building the tunnel through to the enclosed yard.

    For more than a year now the new chicken coop has been under construction. The boys finally finished the house part in August and I immediately populated it, hoping to pressure them in to finishing the yard. The plan seems to have worked - if you don't mind the 4 month wait! Can't complain though, as the house is fabulous and made from all recycled materials as is the yard. Here some pics I've just taken.
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    Dec 7, 2011
    Looks great so far. I love your rodent control officer.
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    Very nice!

    If your Bruce is anything like my Pete, he's also Scrap Inspector. Anytime I toss leftovers or scraps to the flock, he's got to "inspect" them and see if there's anything he wants first.
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    Lol...Bruce, the rodent control officer.

    What's the tunnel for?

    Where's the girls?

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