On High Weasel Alert!


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7 Years
Nov 17, 2012
There are weasels in the neighbourhood and have already gotten ALL my ducks! I keep my chickens in at night. There coop has old log walls and I have put card board over to prevent any animals coming throw the holes at night. But I`m still VERY uneasy about the weasels. I have 5 chickens, 3 road island red hens, 1 White jersey giant hen, and 1 white jersey giant rooster. Do you guys have any ideas on how to prevent predators from invading my coop? Any help is appreciated! Thanks
I don't think cardboard is going to stop a weasel they will chew right through. Can you tack hardware cloth over the holes?
Yes that would be a great idea! And I put up the cardboard for better instalation due to the cold canadien weather.

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