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    Apr 28, 2010
    I talked to the manager at our TSC and told him I didnt want 6, I had chicks at home. He let me buy 3 bantam buff cochins. (Im in there quite a bit) I think they get fed up with all the chick days craziness, but hey I dont see why they cant get a memo telling them what the heck has been ordered, what day its coming in, and a little fact sheet about the breeds???? Geez, there were ppl in there yesterday buying meat chicks for their kids' pets! And a guy wanting to know about the ducks, willing to get them what was needed, etc and my 13 yr old son had to educate everybody! [​IMG] These are live animals ppl! rant over, thank you for listening. Im going back this morning to see what they have coming in, but who knows if they get any? Certainly not the workers....I just fed animals and am getting low on chick crumbles. [​IMG]
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    Apr 21, 2010
    I've been birdless for awhile now and have been itching for some ducklings. I stopped by the TSC in Terre Haute and all they had were mixed pullets. I called my store at home and they said they didn't have ducks either. That was Saturday.

    I stopped by my store today and was lucky! The guy said that he picked up some mallard babies from the post office this morning that were hatched yesterday. I couldn't leave without two. So now I'm the proud mama to two cute babies.

    Besides the mallards, they had assorted pullets and speckled sussex.
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    awesome! [​IMG]

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