Once was 12 now just 9

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Nevada City, CA.
    I have lose three of my chickens in the last four months.
    I have no idea why.they have a great coop very nice run
    I feed them good food and always have clean water,plus veggies and scratch.
    I was letting them free range part of the day when I could watch them but
    No longer I don't think there is anything they could have eaten but couldn't be sure.
    It does get pretty hot here in high 90. I put mister on run.
    They have been in this coop about 9 months just not sure what to
    do...Frist chicken that died,just slowed down and stopped eating
    And the second I notice her comb started losing color and size.
    Then I came home and found that # 3 was walking using one foot and
    By the end on day was just sitting not wanting to move. WTH
    I love my chickens and have worked hard to make sure they are safe
    And happy.
    Could there be problem with dirt ?? I did call vet not much help there.
    Really at a loss
    Out of the eleven only have 9 left

    About three months ago my husband build me a new coop and I got 15 new baby chicks
    They are find but I am nerves!!!
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    Feb 5, 2009
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