One bald hen and others missing lotsa feathers!


10 Years
May 8, 2009
Rathdrum, ID
My little americauna hen is the best layer, however, she is always picked on and her back is bald. I have been putting peck no more on her. More resently, I have noticed that just about EVERY hen has been pecked at! I believe it is the americauna rooster! They are always screaming out there! He is agressive when it comes to the food. He chases them off and just seems mean to them. I have noticed he has stopped crowing. It has been hot and dry around here and the hens are so filthy! They weren't last year! Should I "off" the rooster? Nobody has even tried setting since last fall. Also the hens used to lay 7 to 10 eggs a day. I am lucky if I get 4 since June!
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I'd send your roo to freezer camp. A roo should be nice to his ladies, alert them to danger and find food for them. Sounds like yours is the danger and a glutten to boot. There are lots of nice roos looking for homes. If you want fertile eggs ask around and I'm sure someone will have a sweet boy that they'd rather send to a new home then put in their freezer.
Hey guys,
I had been trying to get my husband to say, "BYEBYE" to the rooster. Yesterday, he saw for himself how mean he was to the girls and sent him to rooster heaven! I am so glad! I expect to see more eggs soon and less feathers gone from the girlies too! Thanks for the advice!

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