one breed guess, and one gender (I hope it's a girl)


8 Years
Jul 14, 2011
Easthampton, Mass
The brown hens were given to me by a guy who said they were bantams...they are as big as my other hens, so I'm thinking they aren't bantams, but have no idea what they are. And the little white one with the black neck feathers is a mutt of some sort, but really would like a gender guess. It is about 16 weeks old, any guesses? Thanks for any help.

I was really hoping he was a girl. I hatched 9 and three of the others are definitely boys, but he's a bit smaller and not acting like a roo, so I've had my fingers crossed. This hatching thing is not working out so well for me, two batches of eggs four out of seven are boys, then four out of nine...yikes. Thanks for the input, I guess but not usually accurately.
He is probably just lower on the pecking order so he tries to keep quiet. I bet if you kept him but, started getting rid of some of the other roos he would start crowing.
that would be very bad...if they all start crowing, my neighbors will be on my lawn carrying torches and throwing stones. I have one big roo and he doesn't bother the others at all (yet) but the hens are picking on the boys something fierce. I have a friend with a farm, she'll take them, I'm sure, just the little one is very sweet and my big roo is a pain in my knees, literally, since he keeps trying to bite me there. I may send Herman off to the farm and keep the little one. This is Herman, a few months ago, I think he may like farm living.
The first one is a rooster. I am not sure what breed.
The second one is a buff brahma hen. She will lay a light brown colored egg just so you know.

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