One chick short this evening :-(

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    We are missing a chick. One of the small ones (1 week old) was no where to be seen when I gathered the little guys to come in the house for overnight cooping. I put 5 out this morning, we had a crazy thunderstorm come through when I was running errands. My husband and kids gathered up the chicks (and dogs) to wait out the storm inside. They were all back out in the coop (the chicks not the dogs) and run pecking away at the muddy ground when I returned home. I do not know for sure that all 5 went in and out during the storm, I was not home. My step daughter (age 14 and VERY honest and trustworthy) went in the run after dinner to pet the chicks, she is certain they were all in there. I joined her in the coop, but just to poke around and tidy up. We left the coop together (the chicks generally do not go near the coop/run door until the sun starts to set and they want to go to bed, I do not believe any of my total 7 chickens ran out unnoticed at this time. The other kids were in the back yard swimming.

    I have one kid (age 12) whose where abouts are a bit sketchy. This kid also has a bad habit of not being honest, and doing things she knows she is not supposed to do. I don't know, I worry that maybe she went in the coop/run alone which is a big no no, and one of the chicks got out. Later in the same evening the same kid went in the dog run on the other side of the house to retrieve a ball she had kicked in there. Also a big no no as each of the dogs out weigh her by at least 10-15 lbs and it is very difficult to get out of the dog run without a dog running lol. I asked each kid (4 of mine + a neighbor kid) if they were in the coop. I already know that 3 were in the pool and one was on the sofa reading. But I still asked them all the same questions. One kid claimed to have seen the other in the coop, but retracted this claim an hour later.

    I'm just so upset. There is no where in the run to wedge into or escape from. I saw to this myself when I decided to let the babies out with the bigger ones during the day. We looked everywhere. The whole neighborhood.

    I don't want to believe my kid did this on purpose, although it's possible. I don't know where else a chick in a enclosed coop in a yard enclosed with a 6 foot privacy fence would go. Heck the little guys get separate from one another for a second and the chirp super loud until they are back together. I will be back out there first thing in the morning to poke around again. I am kicking myself for not bringing them in when I saw the storm clouds approaching.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I'm very upset that I've lost a chick, but even more upset that my kid may or may not have allowed this to happen.

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    May 13, 2010
    I'm so sorry....are you absolutely sure that it isn't hiding somewhere? [​IMG] I know how disappointing it would be to think one of your kids is not telling the truth ....hope you find the chick...and the truth [​IMG]
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    Mar 28, 2011
    I'm so sorry.[​IMG]. Is it possible that one may have escaped when someone opened the coop door? We have the coop inside our garage and if I leave the door opened even a couple inches, I have a chick or two investigating what's behind that door. They are very curious little creatures. I do hope you find the little chick.
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    Well I've been up since 5 AM poking around all the places a chick could hide out had he escaped the coop/run area in my yard. I have a garden right next store and turned over every leaf and plant in search for my little chick. I checked the neighbor yard again just in case. It is totally possible that one of the kids went in the coop, and one of the chicks went out. 4 of the 5 kids that were at our home during the time frame I'm certain where not anywhere near the coop. They all understand my "obsession" with my coop and garden and are all well aware that they are not to enter without myself or my husband assisting. The 5th kid understands the same but is constantly doing "whatever, whenever" and it's very likely that she went in while the others were splashing around in the pool. The missing chick also happens to be one that my stepdaughter picked out, and my daughter, the one I think may know more than she's saying has a lot of issues with the SD, jealousy issues. I have no way of knowing for sure what happened to my little chick, had he been in the yard or nearby area I'd had heard him, they freak out when they get separated from the flock "chirp, chirp, chirp".

    The kids will all be questioned again when they wake up.

    Although less likely, my heart really hopes this was just a random escape (it is possible). The idea of my little girl purposely releasing an itty bitty chick into the desert to "hurt" myself or the other kids scares the crud out of me.

  5. NYRIR

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    May 13, 2010
    Quote:Boy, my heart goes out to you...but I respect you...for admitting your DD could have some issues that strong.That's not an easy thing to admit.But since you "see" it, that's the biggest step toward helping her.I really hope you figure this out....will be watching this thread, hoping for you to find the truth and the baby...[​IMG]
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    Jun 17, 2011
    normally when they escape that young they want to be calling their brothers/sisters back to them. they dont like to be alone especially after theyve already been with a flock. im sure it will turn up.
  7. bzbrown

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    Still no sign of the little guy. I just wish I knew what happened to him. I've picked through the garden and scrap wood pile in the yard. Nada. Of course I'll keep my eye out, and am going to have the husband add a padlock to the coop and the dog run (DD opened it again today!). Just so bummed.

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