one closed eye please help


7 Years
Jun 3, 2012
One of my pullets (near point of lay) did not go in the coop when the lead hen called for all to bed.

I was working on the coop, as it was free range time. I counted heads and noticed one white plymouth rock was not on the roost. I thought she was in the run. While I was finishing up with the stain, I saw her walking near the grow out pen. Being pokey. She was slow to come toward me so I walked up to her. Her left eye was closed. Right eye open. She didn't see me coming, and didn't fight me when I picker her up. Even though it startled her. She is solid white but her under feathers are completely full of dirt. First I thought maybe bugs, but it is dirt. I held her for about 15 minutes. She would occasionally open that eye. It wasn't red, wet, or any visible injury. No swelling. No squinting, or blinking. Just gently closed, with occasional open for a moment.

I put her on her roost, and she turned herself around showing good balance, and cuddled up to a buddy. She doesn't seem distressed, but she was moving slow when I found her. Any chance she was just tired?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
She may have just been busy dust-bathing (and got dirt into her eye) when it was time to go to roost. I have some that pick dusk to bathe. However, check her eye the next few days for swelling, drainage , or eye bubbles which would be a sign of infection or maybe respiratory infection.
Thank you. That would be the best case scenario.
This morning she is still moving slow, maybe leaning a little to one side? This would be very slight. She wasn't excited by treats. She walked out slowly, then stopped, picked up he right foot, and closed her left eye again. She clearly doesn't feel great. Could this be a first egg thing?
I checked on her when I got home tonight. It was after dark when I looked in with the aid of headlights from the car. Both white plymouth rocks had their eyes open. They are roosted for the night, so I will check on her again in the morning.
Her issue seems resolved, and she is back to her normal behavior. Still not even sure what happened.
Update 03/24/14. I have two white Plymouth Rocks so I can't be sure it is the same one as before. A couple weeks ago I noticed one of the whites hanging around the roost, and nest boxes. Not coming out to forage with the rest. I figured she was broody, and after just losing a hen we are trying to be very careful to check the hens over when they act funny. He left eye seems a bit opague, and she keeps it turned away to watch me with the other eye. I think she is most likely blind in that eye. She seems good at walking along the roosts, and getting up and down the roosts and in and out of the next boxes. She will go outside, but just a few feet. She moves well, but likes to stay inside.

Can she live a normal life with one eye?

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