One Cornish X chick died


11 Years
Nov 30, 2008
Carlton, OR
I just got my meat birds last Thursday. They've been doing really well but my DH found one dead today. I think I've done everything right. They have heat food and water. Is there something that I should be doing that's different with these birds. I've never lost a chick before so I'm a little concerned.
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These guys have a higher mortality rate b/c of there fast growth. As long as the others are ok I wouldn't worry too much about it.
It happens. I lost a couple as well. They seem to be fine then they are gone. Watch them for pilling up on each other, especially in corners. They can suffocate each other pretty quick.
Thanks everyone. That makes me feel a lot better. The rest are doing fine so I'm hoping this is the only one. It's not a very fun experience to lose a chick.
Yeah,it's better than one of the chicks I was hoping to be a layer dying. I just don't like to see them die before their time.
Welcome to life on a farm. Learning to accept losses is one of the lessons that is difficult for some to assimilate. Raising livestock is not perfect and the myriad challenges an animal faces is just too much for some, so we have deaths and sickness.


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