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I'm new to this adventure, and love this site. I have two Rhode Island Reds for about 2 weeks. Both the same age, have the same diet ( 20% layer feed, green grass, plus some cracked corn for dessert). One (Psycho Suzy) will lay 1 egg a day, and the other ( Bevo) 0. They will lay in the Nest next to each other . I've tried leaving the egg in the nest for a while to stimulate her into laying annnnd, nothing. Maybe I shouldn't have named her after a sterile steer. Please help me before I break out the Frying pan.
How old are your hens? Have they both laid eggs before you got them? Even sister hens don't always begin laying at the same time. Please keep the fry pan under wraps for now. Some chickens are very stressed by moving and new quarters and will not lay until they feel secure again.
It's not unusual for hens to share nesting boxes, even if they are identical, they will believe one is the special place and the others are not.
Thanks for the reply. I bought the pullets at a feed store two weeks ago. They were in a ground cage with a hundred other birds. I got two eggs the first two days then nothing for two days then the one bird lays everyday. I have two separate nesting boxes side by side but they sit together in one. After the one leaves the other one will lay her egg. The one that lays has a big fluffy rear and the other doesn't. Im on a huge learning curve right now.
I have been raising chickens for years and following BYC for the same amount of time. As for your RIRs, mine just started laying again about two weeks ago with warm weather coming to GA. Some are laying, some are not yet. They are on their own schedule. I would add a pan of laying mash every other day. Mash, scratch, mash, scratch, etc. Its possible she has a problem, but I doubt it. Some can take weeks to get into the season groove.

Welcome to BYC!

It is very common for them to all use one box to lay in. I would keep a fake egg in both boxes to entice them. You might even try closing off the one they are using to make them use the other and then maybe they won't be so nervous to use the other box. Hopefully then they will use both.

Good luck with your new pullets!! If you have any other questions, that is what we are here for. Welcome to our flock and enjoy yours!
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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! X3, some birds will stop laying for awhile after moving to a new home, she should start up again soon hopefully. And chickens really like to share nest boxes, if one thinks it is good, the other ones want it, doesn't matter if you have two hens and ten boxes, hens are just funny that way.
If you think there is something wrong with Bevo since you mention her rear (is she missing feathers?) you could post a picture of her.

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