one down eleven to go.


5 Years
Feb 1, 2014
So last night my first chick hatched at 21 days and 17 hours it o ly took the chick a hour or so to get out. My question is. Since then it has been 22 days 8 hours. Last time I candled them they looked really good and healthy. Will the others still hatch,and how long should I give them.

Thanks michael
They should be fine if they were healthy, give them to 24 or 25 days some chicks just take longer to hatch. Hope this helped :)
Thank you, I was thinking somthing like that but it is nice to hear someone else agree. It is my first time incubating eggs.
I've hatched with broody's and incubators, and some just tend to be slower but just keep an eye on them just incase
I will. Should I candle them or would it be best to just wait and see. They are bearded belgian d'uccles
I have to admit it is not looking good. I thouht I heard one chirp this morning but not since then. I no other signs.

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