One Dozen Apenzeller Spitzhauben Hatching Eggs


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Feb 12, 2008
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I ship priority mail, and take boxes directly to the Oklahoma City Airport Post Office, where they fly priority mail daily. We pack each egg individually, with napkins & bubble wrap, then bundle the eggs together with tape, in the middle of the box then surround the eggs with lots more bubble wrap. We use the largest priority box available thru the post office, to ensure the best survivability of the eggs.

I have culled my Spitzhauben very heavily to try to eliminate the polish looking tophat that hatchery spitzhaubens have.

We participate in the NPIP program.
Hi I am looking at Creme Brabanters. How are yours laying? and do you think you might have some eggs this spring to sell? Also, where did you get your original stock?
Sadly, my Brabanters are not laying well at the moment. My husband is frustrated with them & thinks we should sell. Several years ago, I bought hatching eggs from eggbid and eBay and also some chicks from Ideal.
Thanks for the info. I am looking at getting some from Sand Hill Preservation, and I didn't want to get the same stock from two different places. I am not ready for more eggs yet since my incubator is in mid-hatch.
Thanks. I may be in touch with you later though.
My Apenzeller hatched from you are beautiful. Everybody turn head when they visit.
Are you going to offer your BLRW hatching eggs any time soon? I will deffinitly be interest in getting some of those.
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Thanks! I'm glad you like them!

My Blue Laced Red Wyandotte are laying pullet eggs now, and chicks are hatching great. However, most of my hens are light blue, or even porcelain colored with red lacing. My avatar is one of my lighter colored BLRW pullets. I think they are gorgeous, but looking at most other people's flocks they are much darker and more lacing. I'm not sure if I should breed & sell as they are or improve the line first. I guess I need to look for experts on the forum & get their opinions.

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