One Dozen Buff Brahma Bantam


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
I have seven of my buff females, and three of my light females with one buff male in a large fenced grass area. These are my breeding females from earlier this year. All female chicks and most of the males will be buff. A few of the males will be straw colored culls.(buff male x light female=buff females and straw colored males). I had every intention of selling no more eggs this spring. I have had lots of requests and the birds are still laying well. I have about 120 birds hatched I'm trying to raise, I can't feed any more!! This could be it, not really sure. No guarantee. I do my best, and most have done very well with eggs I have shipped. Lower 48 only. I will ship Tuesday as Monday is a holiday. Paypal please.


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I'm sorry, I did not think there was any interest. I'll re-list. I put ten under a broody that would not give up a couple of hours ago. I should still have plenty by Tuesday though.

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