One ducking... seems attatched to me... freaks when im gone...


11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Rhode Island
I feel horrible. I have one mallard duckling about 4 days old and since his mother and siblings were killed I have been brooding him. Whenever I leave him alone in his brooder he hops and hops and I feel terrible. Will he grow out of this?
Probably not totally...s/he has bonded to you which is very understandable under the circumstances. You may consider getting a diaper for little one and just let him follow you around some. But to that baby you are mama.
What Cetawin said. You're momma now. It may help to get another duckling so he/she has company and a cuddle mate. Some on here put a mirror in their brooder and be sure to put in a feather duster or stuffed toy. I usually do that for my chicks and they just love it. Cuddle right on it.
The mirror and the feather duster keeps them from totally focusing on you, but I would still try to find it a buddy.
I would try to find him/her a friend. Do you have a local feed store that might have ducklings or even chicks? If so, I would try to go get one. Ducklings do not at all like being alone. It is very stressful for them. If you can't find a "live" buddy for your baby, I would try a stuffed animal (as a last resort).
Poor little guy . . . if you leave him for too long of a period, he may be stressed out. Like the others said, I would give it a buddy, a mirror, and some sort of bird toys (jingles or stuffed animals) to keep its focus away from you. However, at the end of the day you are the mom now.

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