One egg Bator???


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Feb 27, 2007
Lake WaConDa, NE
Is there a bator out there or a way to make one that I could hatch just one or two eggs with?

And is there a way to get just one or two eggs from someone? I currently only have my girls but really really really want to hatch a baby or two. Anytime I see any for sale or anything, it's for a dozen or more and I know DH would kill me if I got that many more right now. I'm going to be moving and will be getting a lot more chickens and some Roos but I can't wait as it could be months before we move.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Well, they make dome bators that I hear bad reviews about... but as they say, don't count your chicks before they hatch. Or the saying is something like that. If you get shipped a dozen eggs, and have a really lucky wonderful hatch. Chances are you'll have at most 6 chicks. It is not unusual for shipped eggs to have "good" hatches of 40-50%... with many being in the 0-30% range. Shipping does a number on eggs.

I also wouldn't set just one or two eggs... as one might not hatch and you would not have a chick or just one very needy one that screams for you all day for the first 6 weeks of it's life.
Yeah eggs don't ship very well.

I had some ship to me, set 14 in the bator - but had to make the eggs wait for the bator (an extra 4 days) I had a total of 5 develop fully and today is day 21!
So far only 3 eggs have pipped........ still waiting.
Thanks for the info. I know I'd do better with more eggs but with my luck all of them would end up hatching and DH would kill me.
Okay, another quick question. Can you just put one or two eggs in a regular size incubator? I was thinking about getting one for later when we move anyhow.
You can put as little eggs as you want inside the bigger bators, no problem. lol, most people are trying to figure out ways to put more eggs in them than is recommended.

Are you looking to hatch any particular breed?
I don't care about the breed at all, standard or bantam, I currently have some girls of each. One of my girls is a "mutt" and I love her just as much as the others. I've just been reading all the hatching posts and seeing all the new babies on the other posts and I'm dying to try it out myself.
A standard bator can be used to incubate just a couple of eggs. I use something as a heat sink to keep the temps from changing to radically. A large, flat container or several smaller one with lids work great. Keep the lids on tight when you don't need extra humidity and crack the lids when you want to raise humidity.

This is my bator today, I also use the heat sink to raise and stabilize my bator to begin with. It took less than two hours to get a stable temp, though I did make sure to run the bator for a full 24 before setting in eggs, to be doubly sure.


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