one gift to for livestock to needy folks

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This is a listing for a charity gift to for a livestock gift to a family in a needy country.

here is a link to the site -

the more you spend the bigger the gift can be -
what you get is an e-card will be sent to you indicating that the gift was made in your name.

gifting starts at 10 dollars for a "share" of a gift, (20 dollars is all it takes to gift a flock of geese, ducks or chicks.)

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Hi, just letting you kow I removed your listing for donations to

After years of experience and discussion we've decided to draw a hard line and disallow any fund raising or any other types of charitable requests. There are two main reasons:

1) Fraud - There have been multiple times where members have been burned when trying to "do the right thing". We aren't saying this is one of those times, but our first obligation is to protect our members. Unfortunately this comes with a price and we've weighed the pros and cons of the decision.

2) Consistent Rule Enforcement / Setting A Precedent - We realized early that when we allowed one person (or group on behalf of a person or organization) to promote or receive charitable gifts / donations it opens up potential floodgates for other members to request the same. We'd end up with a ton of charity posts and then emails saying "Well, you let xxxx member ask / receive money for their problems / cause... why can't we!?".

Again, it hasn't been an easy decision but we're obligated to do what is best for the community as a whole even if it has the unfortunate look like we are blocking help to a person or organization that really is having a hard time like or needs help. Hopefully this doesn't come across mean, but shows how much we know and care about the BYC community.


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