One girl starting to act weird when touched...egg time???


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Jan 7, 2009
Western Mass
I have one BR who just yesterday squatted down real low and held still when my son touched her back. Then she did it for me later in the day. Everything ok with her? She is also bak bak bak BAWKKK-ing all the time. No one else does this. My son is worried about her being egg-bound. (His favorite girl) She is 22 weeks old and HUGE!! This is dumb to ask I know, but it is our first year with chickens.
mine start doing that a few weeks before they start laying. theyre lusty wenches, they think theyre going to get lucky
I agree, sounds like eggs are coming soon. Tell your son not to worry, I'm pretty sure she's not egg bound. Don't forget to tell us when you find the first egg!
That is funny. Sounds like eggs are on the way. She is at the age when it starts. It is very common for the ladies to get much more vocal (loud) right before they begin to lay. The quiet days are over and eggs are coming. Pet them when they squat and watch them ruffle their feathers afterwards.
That's The Squat. It signifies submission, and they do it for the rooster so he can mount them. They don't do it when they're juveniles because it is linked to sexual maturity.

SOME hens don't even do it for the rooster, 'cause they got status, y'know? Rooster can go pound sand. (Rooster may very well grab & mount without the "okay go ahead" squat!)

If they're doing it for their people, it means you're on the Boss List.
SOME hens don't even do it for the rooster, 'cause they got status, y'know? Rooster can go pound sand.

Ok that line made me laugh out loud!

Thanks for all the replies everyone. We have all girls, so no one is getting lucky in our yard. I think I'll tell my son she just accepts us as her boss, and that she is ready to start laying. Although he did read a Kids Guide to Raising chickens, and knew about egg binding. He will be happy to hear she is just fine. Last night he went out to put the girls up for the night and announced the she did it again! I am excited for our first eggs! I think I may blow out the contents so he can keep the shell. Wish us, and her luck!


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