one hen separated from all the rest?


Nov 20, 2018
Box Elder South Dakota
So i have finally been able to integrate my 5 easter eggers with the 12 Rhode Island Reds and cinnamon queens that i have, however, now one of my easter eggers is all by herself all the time. I usually shoo the EE's back towards the food and water dishes at night so they can eat in peace, as they are skittish. When doing so i had to go find the other EE and bring her over and when i did she was attacked by all the rest of the EE's. Not sure what to make of it, but she was so scared she jumped on my shoulder and perched. Is she just the lowest on the totem pole? I feel bad for the thing but dont want to separate her as then i would have to try to reintegrate a solo bird.
How much space do you have in your coop and run?
Can you post pictures of your setup?
How old is the original flock?
How old are the EEs?
When did you first introduce the sub-flocks to each other?
All my chickens free range so they have 6 acres to roam, i started their integration off by having the EE's in a separate coop that the other chickens could see through and after 2 or 3 months i allowed them to range together but sleep separately. About a week ago i started to place the EE's in main coop at night to get them ready for when winter hits. They all seemed to do fine, the EE's are still skittish but all go to sleep in main coop at night. The original flock are about a year and a half years old and the EE's are 6 months old. The 5 EE's used to all hang together with my juvenile rooster and the rest of the hens were with my adult rooster, now the 4 EE's and juvenile are together and the one EE is off by itself most of the day.
Might be tight space for 17 birds...and I see no roosts or nests?
I thought ot might be a bit cramped but their only really in there at night, the rest of the time they range all day. I usually leave petdoor open for them so they can come and go as they please. I have nesting boxes, they are on bottom left, and we are in process of making perches. When winter comes I will prob open the whole shed to them

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