One hen with FOWL POX! Should I vaccinate rest of flock?


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8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
Edgerly Louisiana
Hi I noticed yesterday one of my hens has fowl pox(a bad cause in my opinion, its all over her eyes, comb and wattles). The rest of the flock that is penned in with this hen looks to be ok. But I did notice about 3 of them do have at least one black spot on their combs. They all are eating and behaving fine.
Should I vaccinate them all? I have the foxl pox medicine on hand, I ordered it for overnight yesterday.

I also have in a separate pen...silkie chickens. They are about 100 yards away from the above flock. They are not showing any signs of fowl pox. Should I vaccinate them as well?

I live in Southwest Louisiana. And the mosquitos are very bad here!


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