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Apr 13, 2011
Wow that looks just like them! I did quarantine the rooster. When I looked at him for the last few days he seems to be "healthy" as in his stools are fine, he doesnt smell bad or actually no odor at all, and I cleaned up the stuff around the one eye and havent seen any leakage anywhere! When I was looking at him I noticed he still has "baby feathers" not sure what you really call them but I am assuming he isnt very old at all. My question is when I can put him with the chickens? I did not isolate the 3 comet hens because they told me they were vaccinated and such but maybe I should not take other people's word and I now know I should isolate all unknown chickens for a period of time (thank you byc). I did check all the hens but I figure since they have already been living with the others no need to separate now. There is some runny poop from someone but I have only found it a couple of times and I know my original 3 would have runny poop every once in awhile. Sorry I am getting a bit off the question.

The main question is when I can put the baby (unknown age) rooster with the group of hens?
That roo's old enough to go in with the hens. If you have older hens (besides the ones he came with) they might hassle him and chase him around some, but eventually he'll want to get some more than he'll be scared of them and that'll be that!

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