One lonely Pullet - integrating her into an establish flock of 3


8 Years
Jun 30, 2011
Charlotte, NC
We only hatched one egg before getting rid of our rooster. This left us with a flock of three and one baby chick. To avoid her being lonely, we got her two friends. The three babies buddied up and we quickly had two separate flocks that did not interact.

Fastforward 3-4 months:
Our baby chick is now a pullet and about the size of the established flock of three. So, we sold her two friends and are now trying to integrate her into the flock. It's not working out so well. She is scared to death. We let them all free range and she free ranges by herself. She looks lonely and will follow us around the yard or wait for us on our porch. The big chickens aren't attacking her, but I think they are intimidating her. When they are all in the coop/run, she finds a roost on the opposite corner of where the girls are to hang out.

What do I do? Is it better to leave them in the coop/run together? Or continue to let them free range? Or should I try to borrow a rooster to sort it all out for me?
Well, it would have been nice if you kept her little friends. I figure you have limited space, like I do though. It's actually a good idea to free range them together at first, even if she doesn't always stay with them. They can get used to eachother that way. In a fenced run, the others could actually gang up on her--corner her.

It really sounds like things are going OK for her. I do think, after time, she will blend in more with the flock. It does take time though.

With my flock, everybody ranges together, but new chickens that I add to the coop do kind of go off in their own groups. Eventually, the flock does blend together though.

I truly think chickens make friendships. I have certain hens that are always together like little gal pals.
My guilt made me pick up a Polish Silkie that was at the hardware store. The guys thought the silkie might be the same age.....she isn't. She is younger. And now I have TWO problems! They are really picking on the silkie and ignoring my pullet.

I can't win :(

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