One of my chicks is mean

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by BGinVA, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Is this normal, I have a group that is now 2 weeks old, and as part of the group I got "A rare breed assortment", meaning I don't kow for sure what I got, but with help from BYC forum members I think they've all been identified. The one that is mean has been identified as a Blue Andulusian(sp), they are all supposed to be pullets. She stretches her neck out and gives the evil eye and will try to peck the crap out of you if you touch her or try to pick her up. Is this normal for this breed? What can I do to calm her down?
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    Actually, she may be quite normal. Chickens are food for most of the animal world and are very afraid of things. This is their instinct. Chicks SHOULD be afraid and jumpy. They aren't supposed to be relaxed when a GIANT (you) reaches in to touch them. That's terrifying. It takes months sometimes before chicks get used to a human and some of them never do.

    This chick is experiencing "fight or flight' and is choosing to fight or resist instead of the usual reaction of running away. Give the bird time. Not saying all will be well in the future, but surely, this bird just needs some time.
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    That makes sense, thanks for reminding me. Unlike the 2 week old RIR that runs and screams bloody murder if you come near her, this one does choose "fight" over "flight".
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    May 1, 2012
    Handling her may help her to calm down. Try to hold her for a little while, that should help. That should do the trick, primarily because chickens have a pecking order (literally they peck each other) and you handling her should establish you at the top. I did this with my rooster (and other chickens but they were already docile) and he hasn't attacked me yet.

    Good Luck,
  5. motherofmolly

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    Jun 16, 2012
    i had one like this. i separated her into a different cafe for the afternoon. put her back at night and she calmed down.
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    Maybe if she keeps it up I'll put her in a cage and make her set in my office with me while I work all day, that would at least get her used to me and maybe if she didn't have the other chicks around she'd decide she needed a friend and accept me, lol.
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    I have a lakenvelder that was like that when she was small. She would try to peck her way out of your hand. I didn't respond to the pecking at all and picked her up every time I checked on them, and that was a lot. I would hold her for a few seconds at a time and would not put her down until she was quiet and still. She is now one of the friendliest chicks in the coop and flies up onto me every chance she gets. I suggest to just pick her up a lot and talk softly to her without responding to her pecks. Good luck!

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