One of my Easter Eggers became a Hen today


9 Years
Jan 28, 2010
Found a little blue egg laying right outside the coop door! - I hope she finds the nesting boxes soon.. I Just found 1egg so far - I have 17 Easter Eggers that are 19 weeks old today. So, I'm pretty excited. Was hoping to have lovely green/blue eggs for the farmers market which starts on the 26th and now it looks like I will.

Thanks for letting me share.
Lets see a pic of that pretty egg! Congrats too; it's always so exciting to get that first egg. Have you placed golf balls or fake eggs in the nest boxes?? That will clue them in as to where they should lay...
Wahoo! First egg!

By the way, pullets turn into hens when they are a year old - but that's just definitions. I like the idea of First Egg being the change from pullet to hen; much like when my mother told ME "Now you're a woman!"

'Course, that was slightly different.....
Oh wow! I remember our first egg...I was so proud of my girls??
We were so excited for it, but we set it down and our dog ate it. Do you have any plans for said egg?
Well- Said Egg is already been Fried and on my 3 year olds plate. LOL - she couldn't even wait till breakfast tomorrow (already ate breakfast once today!)
I wanna see that purdy egg! Congrats!

I'm eagerly awaiting my first egg from my pure Ameraucana's. One of them squatted for me the other day, so I'm really close!
Oh - I bet thats going to be one gorgeous egg!

And I can't wait to see if they are fertile! They are in with my Welsummer rooster, so Olive eggers will be coming when the eggs get to a decent size! (and my coop gets finished)

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