One of my hen's is doing weird things..


10 Years
Feb 26, 2009
Burnin' up in KY
Today the hen had all of her tail feathers up and had them spread (like a peacock) and had puffed up her body to the size of our rooster! She in the roosting spot, not in the nest. What is she doing? She's also chasing the other hens around.
Could she be establishing herself as the dominant hen? I have seen my step-father's hens puff their neck feathers out when they feel threatened.

Are you absolutely sure that one's a hen?
That's pretty funny. Once I caught two of my hens chest-butting each other, I think it was just for fun, as they had already established which one was top chicken, and they get along very well.

My hen who has gone broody puffs herself up, fans her tail out, and chases the other hens around when I toss her out of the nest box to get some food and fresh air. She stays out for 10 minutes and then it's back to the nest box! I am at a loss -- will I have to wait 3 weeks for her to get over this broody spell? Does anyone know any tricks for getting a hen over her broody spell? Thanks!

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