One of these Marans is not like the others....


7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
My Coop
My Coop
I too ordered the "rare marans" chicks from I ordered 6 sexed pullets.
They're 1.5weeks now

Far right- this is the one really in question.
Clues: 1) all black no white on body or wings 2) olive colored feathered legs

Second from left- I have two like these black and white with white tipped wings and light colored feathered legs

Next two are of the same chick: dark olive/gray legs feathered and patterned wings with red over eyes

The whole crew L-R
A and and white, white spot on head, white on wing tips, light legs
C, Light colored chick with light feathered legs
D. Dark chick, no white, no spot, dark feathered legs
E. Red "eyebrows", patterned wings, dark legs

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