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    Ok so we have two delewares one has been laying for about a month and as far as i know the other has not been. However that being said i been getting brown eggs all but one day a week is it possible that they both laying and i just have one laying. The bigger of the two i have never seen in the nest nor heard sing the egg song(i know i could be missing her) but her comb is now dark red and she just started squatting so yeah i am confused i thought that they only layed four eggs a week but i been getting the same amount as my leghorns from what i believe to be one gall. So yeah confused.

  2. There's a method where you test the chooks to see if they're laying or not, and I just now have started using it. [​IMG] Basically, you place your fingers in between the hen's pelvic bones (which are located in their "fluff"), and if you can fit two or more fingers in the middle, your girl is laying. I have some who aren't laying, and it's difficult to even sandwich one finger in there.

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    Right! This is a very useful method to tell whether or not a pullet has been sneaking into a nest and laying without you seeing her.

    I have two new pullets around five months old and recently I did that test. One had those little bone knobs two fat fingers apart, while the other one, I could barely get one finger between those knobs.

    So now I know I have a while longer to wait until the second pullet squirts out her first egg. Before the test, I wasn't sure whether the little pullets eggs I was finding belonged to two pullets or just one.

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