One sick chicken

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5 Years
May 7, 2014
I have a 2 1/2 yr old hen that is not eating or drinking and did not come off the roost today. I went and took her off the roost and put her in a cage away from the other chickens. I offered her watermelon and crumbles and water. She wanted none of it. She is at good weight, her color is good, she is breathing normally, no nasal discharge, no sneezing or coughing, is not laying, and is molting drastically. She was de-wormed 2 weeks ago with ivomec and then had a round of probotics. She has been healthy until today. When I say molting drastically I mean her feathers are falling off her whole body in piles. The only thing I noticed is that she is almost acting like she is constipated. I did see her poop tonight and it looked fairly normal. Kind of dark, soft but not watery and dark color with the white top.
No one else is sick and she looked ok yesterday.
I did put some mouse poison in my feed shed and the mouse/mice, hauled it off over night 3 days ago. We have 3 cats that catch things and leave them for the chickens. They were racing around with a mouse yesterday and she is usually the one who gets them but I did not see her eat a mouse yesterday.
Any ideas? I bought oxytetracycline and put it in her water but she is not eating or drinking.
Update on my hen. She tried to eat but was pecking the air above the food for the most part. She did pick up a few crumbles and pieces of scratch. Still not drinking.

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