One Smart Hen!!


15 Years
Mar 10, 2008
Asheville, NC
Well, Miss Prissy finally laid some more eggs....... there were 3 in her nest and I grabbed 'em quick. I had a wooden egg in one of the nest boxes (not where she laid hers, of course!) so I put it where her eggs were laid.

Later I went back out to check on them all and that wooden egg was nearly kicked out of the whole henhouse:lol:; right next to the door so I'd be sure to see it!!

She's one smart little hen!
this is confusing... i take it you have a hen named "miss prissy" ?
Yes, I have a hen named "Miss Prissy". I have another hen named Muriel and a rooster named Eustus. Eustus and Muriel's names come from "Courageous the Cowardly Dog" cartoon. My son, when he was about 4 years old, was playing a video game and got in some trouble and said "Eustus, we have a problem!" So the name Eustus has been special for us since then. Muriel is Eustus' wife on the cartoon.

Wow, really went around and round on that one little question.

Our new babies are Lola & Lucy (white leghorns) and Florence & Ossie (Black sex links).

Guess none of them will ever see a stew pot!

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