One TO DO list that never gets shorter

Leslie In North Pole

12 Years
Mar 7, 2007
North Pole, AK
Yes, folks this is an auction for my To Do list that keeps on growing. Every time you mark one item off of the list, three more new ones pop up.

Here is just a sampling:

1) Feed the kids, feed the birds, feed the dogs, feed the cats, and feed the husband. (Not necessarily in that order.)

2) Feed self.

3) Balance check book and find a creative way to pay all of the bills and still be able to buy food for everyone.

And this wonderful list goes on.....

15) Collect tenants rent after cornering them and listening to their "Why I can't pay my rent on time" stories.

16) Pay all business utility bills, maintance costs, owner payment, and make miracles happen overnight.

17) Haul all tenant trash away on Sunday and remember to leave them a note taped acrossed their trash can reminding them that trash bags are the way to go when placing trash in the cans.

As you can see, the excitement never ends. Everyday a new fire to put out, a new emergency to overshadow this list, you will find yourself wondering what it is like not to feel sore and ran down all of the time!!

And just remember, there is even room for some of the more farfetched ideas...

102) Sleep in.

103) Go the movies.

104) Spend time with adult friends.

105) Enjoy a day doing nothing.

With such a low reserve and even lower expectations, how can you go wrong?
I thougth balancing was holding it in your hand and not dropping....according to my kids you are not out of money until you are out of checks...........THEN you are out of money!
Well, I don't know about that. I miss when my to do list was simple, I miss that part about be a kid.

Remember the days? "Get up, get dressed, eat, grab school bag, catch bus...." and there was always someone else around to make sure that you got everything done...

Now I have to be that someone to a husband, five children, four cats, two dogs, and a large flock of birds plus my job. It will be worth it in the end, it is just getting to that point.

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