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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Okay kewl (yes silkeh I use that all the time.)

    We have 12 pages and we haven't started yet.
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    Sep 20, 2016
    I am :D
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    13 pages, Zelda. :p
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    Sweeeeet [​IMG]
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    (Since Mountain Herd still needs its Watcher, shall I make one along with the rest of my horses?)
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    (I really think we have SOOO many positions of power XD... I invited Sokya to check it out, soooo....maybe she'll make one)
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    (LOL I sent Sokya a PM inviting her to A H.A.M..... she must thing we're desperate, bombarding her with RP advertising... :lau
    And Frost and Lily said they wanted to join... maybe they'll make the Watcher?
    And we've still got that Lead Mare feud... :idunno)
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    Name: Zitkala
    Age (in seasons): 65 (roughly 13 years)
    Herd: Mountain Herd
    Gender: Mare
    Rank: Herd Member, soon-to-be Elder
    Personality: Wise and gentle. Extremely beloved and respected by the entire herd. Reserved, but when she speaks, she means it and her words are therefore taken very seriously. Highly intelligent and sage- likes to know and completely understand everything. Loves telling stories to foals and is secretly anticipating becoming an elder. Adores her daughters and has taken in Makawi as her own.
    Color: Flaxen Chesnut
    Markings: White star on forehead.
    Description of bodily attributes: Fairly large mare. Typical flaxen chestnut, with a very long and flowing mane & tail.
    Mate/crush: (please specify which) Blizzard Cloud.
    Parents: Deceased.
    Siblings: None
    Foals: Ivy and Hazel; foster daughter Makawi.
    History: Born and raised in Mountain Herd. Took Blizzard Cloud as her mate many seasons ago, bearing two beloved fillies with him. Tens of seasons later, he appeared with the motherless Makawi, whom Zitkala certainly hadn't borne with her mate. Instead of revoking and disowning her mate, Zitkala saw took her sage wisdom and unearthed something within him-
    Blizzard Cloud was lying. He hadn't sired this foal.
    He would forever be loyal to Zitkala.
    Unbeknownst to the entire herd, Zitkala understood this and accepted Makawi as her foster daughter; also keeping Blizzard Cloud as her mate- though the entire herd was blatantly shocked that a faithful mate would keep an "unfaithful" stallion, but, of course, none of them- not even Zitkala- know Makawi's true heritage.
    And most likely they never will.
    Only Blizzard Cloud knows Makawi's secret.
    And he's not about to tell.
    Other: PEGASUS REIGNS!!!
    Username: HeavensHens88
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    She's getting annoyed at me cause I'm signing her up to all the role-plays.

    Join what?

    She's telling me "HOW DARE YOU LILY?" XD
  10. HeavensHens88

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    (I love making these horses with dark pasts. :lau)

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