11 Years
Apr 7, 2008
On day 14 I candled my eggs again and all looked good. However, when I placed one of the eggs back into the incubator I apparently put it in small end up. They are bantam eggs and some of them are very hard to ditinguish which is the small and big end. Did I kill my chicken it was like that for two days?
I started two sets of eggs at different times in the incubator and they are only 1 day apart. Today is day 18 for the first set. Should I take them out of the turner today???
If it were me, I'd wait until tomorrow, then take them out and increase the humidity. The problem is that you may get early pips (day 19), but if you get the humidity up tomorrow they should be ok, since they probably won't hatch until the next day anyway. Unfortunately you just never know exactly when they are going to pip.

Good luck with your hatch! Hope you are prepared to post pics!!! LOL

Go ahead and take them out some time between today and tomorrow, they should be able to right themselves just fine and at worse the chick will pip in breech position. I doubt you killed it. Best of luck!
Thank you all for the advice. This is such a helpful place to come to especially when you feel like you have no idea what you are doing but painfully want to do a good job. I will be sure to post pics.
I'm sure you'll do fine and, if not, just get some more eggs and try again. You'll learn a lot from each batch you incubate and before you know it it will seem so much easier.

This is definitely a great place to come and learn. Many members are very experienced and are great about sharing their knowledge. It's always amazes me how many chicken lovers there are out there!!!!!


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