OOPS! I messed up now chickens are paying for it.


8 Years
May 31, 2011
Hello, My mother and I live on 5 acres .She has 1 rooster and one hen .They have been free range pets that roost in the trees at night very healthy!. I decided I wanted to get chickens for myself . Built a chicken coop, went out to the flea market (just looking) but felt sorry for to bad looking ducklings and a chicken, so I bought them . didn't notice till too late the hen had a runny nose .well two days later my mothers rooster was very congested and eyes swollen shut and very sleepy and today her hen is very sleepy .I think from research its CRD. went and bought some antibiotics so we will see. My question is can I get more chickens now? I know they are now carriers. can I buy chicks and get them vaccinated? or will I have to let my hen hatch eggs will they be immune? I very much want more chickens . I don't know what to do?
Hi Xanderess, that's a sad dilemma... Basically any birds you hatch or bring will contract the disease. It might not be CRD but some of the other respiratory illnesses also linger in a flock.

Unless you can keep new birds totally separate and disinfect shoes etc between pen visits, you can't guarantee that new birds will be safe. The germ that helps cause CRD can also be passed through eggs to the babies even if the eggs are taken away from the mother.

It's hard. You just have to decide what you want to do yourself... Read as much as possible and weigh up for yourself. If your birds are very special you won't want to euthanase them just to limit an infection — a lot of people use antibiotics so at least the immediate sickness passes. They may get it again later but you can treat then too. However of course they'll remain carriers.

I've culled and started over again with clean pens (usually 2 weeks plus a basic clean-out is enough for CRD) but it's a grim decision and very upsetting.

Thanks , I guess I will let the chickens live out there life ,because mom really loves her chickens ,they are about 5 years old maybe I wont have to wait to long. Then I can start my own flock. Thanks again.
have you put hers up in a coop.. seams you dont want them still free ranging all over where your future flock will be... just a precaution..
good luck )O(
There is a good list of respiratory illnesses and their treatments at this link. I would give Oxine without activator in a humidifier/fogger a try. You can get some at Revival Animal Health. You may find it locally at a janitorial or HVAC supplier, but it is usually easier to order it. You can also use Oxine with activator to disinfect an EMPTY coop with no animals around. The Oxine is only safe around animals without activator.
You can't vaccinate without knowing exactly which one of the respiratory diseases you have going on. The only way to know is to have a necropsy done and find out what it is. Read up on Biosecurity. Buying grown birds is one of the riskiest things you can do. I would reccomend staying away from poultry swaps and auctions and craig's list. The chances of bringing home illness are just too high. Good luck.
Thank you guys so much . I have decided it wasn't meant to be. So I am going to just finish the treatment and let them live out there days . Does anyone know if ducks can catch it ? Because I bought 2 baby ducks the same time as the chicken but they seem to be doing great?
I have found out what i needed to know thanks you guys are so great May God bless you all!!!!!
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